The Filmmaker's Journey

I'm very excited about launching this section of the website. A truly open and honest account of everything I've been going through while making my short films. Broken up in to various, easy to navigate sections, you'll go on the whole filmmaking journey with me.

I'll include documents that I used on each of the films (i.e. call sheets, budget spreadsheet, storyboard template, contracts etc), as well as video and example of scripts, interviews with those involved in each of the projects and so much more.

And it's totally FREE!The main sections will be as follows:


The process of taking ideas from my imagination and getting them on the page. This includes working with an award winning Script Editor and the benefits, lessons learned and the rest.


Casting, getting a crew together, locations, raising funds and all the other aspects of the pre-production process will be included in this section.

PRODUCTIONThe actual process of shooting the films. Directing actors, the stress, checking the rushes and so on.


The digital workflow, working with celluloid, having a talented editor looking after your film, colour grading, sound mix and so much more all covered in this section.


The film festival circuit and looking at options for releasing the several short films I have in post-production right now.

I'm hoping to have this section of the site up and running in just a few months.