About Danny
An entrepreneur from a young age, after leaving school I spent the next 17 years as a nightclub DJ and radio broadcaster (talking in between records for a living), working at various radio stations across the UK. As well as running several businesses over the years, including a DJ agency, roadshow and entertainments company and a local magazine publishers. My passion has always been film and the moving image, but not until I hit my 30's did I really knuckle down and take it seriously as a career option. I decided that I was going to teach myself how to make films - and so, The Filmmaker's Journey was born. The Filmmaker's Journey I wanted to share everything I'm going through on my filmmaking journey with as many people as possible online, in the hope that it inspires and motivates others. It's an open and honest account of everything I'm going through viaTwitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and my website. I must stress, I'm simply sharing my journey and NOT trying to teach! You'll see me making mistakes and learning, developing and growing as a filmmaker and all online. The Filmmaker's Journey is the title I've given to what will be my adventures through the ups and downs of making movies. There's a whole section on this website dedicated to the process, split in to easy to navigate sections that cover the whole film making process. It's all totally FREE! I'm an incredibly ambitious individual with real desires and aspirations of succeeding in the film industry. I know this isn't going to happen over night, but trust me - it will happen. Thanks for stopping by, hope you find this website useful and please do get in touch with any feedback.