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We write. We film. We edit. We create.

Producing stunning Corporate Videos for businesses since 2009.

Stada Media is a creative video production company based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire with a keen eye for what can work for your business. We look after all aspects of your video content requirements from coming up with ideas through to filming and editing.

Give your business the competitive edge with video – inform, persuade and sell!

Our Clients

We work with clients of all sizes across the UK, from sole traders through to national organisations. We like to think of ourselves as flexible and understanding when it comes to budgets, and we will do everything we can to keep costs down wherever possible.

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We Write.

It’s the very beginning of the creative process – taking ideas from our imaginations, developing and turning them in to something tangible.

We dedicate time and effort getting this absolutely right for your project, brainstorming with the team to ensure we’re getting the very best out of each idea. It doesn’t matter how complicated a project is, we still give it the attention it will need to succeed.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to come up with ideas, let us work on it for you.

We Film.

Once the creative ideas, scripts and storyboards and other preproduction logistics have been approved, it’s time to move on to production – the filming of your video.

Our experienced team know exactly how to get the right shots on location. For most projects we will only need a small crew which is great if we’re filming at your business premises as it means less disruption. For bigger projects like tv commercials, a larger crew and studio hire may be required – this is normal.

A typical corporate filming day would require up to two cameras, a crew of 2 – 5 and basic lighting. Filming kit is lighter and more compact compared to a decade ago, which means less is actually needed, making for a more efficient filming process.

We Edit.

Simply put, this is the part where all of the footage we have just filmed is pieced together fitting with the script and storyboards. Voice over, captions, graphics and music are added for the finishing touches.

At Stada Media, we have an in-house team of post-production (technical term for this part of the process) experts who will bring your video to life. We will show you up to date versions of the edit throughout to get your feedback and make any subsequent updates to the edit.

Once an edit has been approved, we’ll then send you the final video in various formats for use on the web, DVD, Blu-Ray and any other formats required. We’ll even help upload to popular websites like YouTube.

We Create.

We love working on new ideas, and even freshening up older ones – we’re passionate about the whole creative process. Having brainstorming sessions for our clients is a joy and we’re always excited to share our ideas.

Most of our clients ask us to come up with the ideas based on a short brief, but some of our clients have a very clear idea of what they want and we just help to fine tune the technical aspects.

Let us get to work on your next project, we’re confident you’ll like what we do.

Firstnet Solutions Promo (Motion Graphics)

Firstnet Solutions Promo (Motion Graphics)

Pulse 1 & 2 Promo Video (Motion Graphics)

Pulse 1 & 2 Promo Video (Motion Graphics)

Polydor Records Presentation Video (Motion Graphics)

Polydor Records Presentation Video (Motion Graphics)

Bradford School of Arts and Media (Hyperlapse)

Bradford School of Arts and Media (Hyperlapse)